Production of prototypes has been an important activity of our company for over 20 years. We have been working in this field for a long time so we are experienced. Developing prototypes we keep in mind client’s requests and wishes. We are able to make prototypes in extremely short period. We develop products and functional units and we also constuct and produce prototypes ant developing tools.

  • We use our experiences of prototype production in following serial production.
  • We have available abilities of 3D laser cut in our own development centre.


All of our technologies for prototype production in one place.

Quick responses, short delivery times and favorable prices



The development centre is formed of measurement centre, test centre, laser centre and structual centre. Measurement centre provides measurement of trimmings and metalic parts shapes. It prepares measurement protocols for customers, checks status of prototype tools which were made and it also enables converting partsto computer format by scanning. Test centre provides testing of raw materials, toughness, ductility and material quality measuring. It exposes protocols after the test. Laser centre provides verification and prototype sets of metal parts for developing purpose. It enables cutting of metal parts in various shapes on 3D surfaces. Machine versality also enables cutting of 2D metal parts shapes before the forming.


The centre is able to design and develop new production processes, provides resource materials and knowledge for further production sections. It supports focus of company production for sophisticated parts and sets and aplication of new technologies. It’s a separate and flexible department which it’s able to react to potencial production opportunities by supporting prototyping and developing in development activities.

In the meantime the company cooperates with external partners on the surface finishing developing.