Long-lasting grade/quality of our products is main requirement of our many clients.

Today we have successfully mastered the EMS audit ISO 14001.


Quality management system

Guarantee of quailty of our products is strict compliance of ISO/TS 16949:2002 in which we are certified.

ISO/TS 16949:200 specifies requirements for management system of quality/grade for part manufacturers for automotive industry. It includes requirements in full scale of ISO 9001:200 and special requirements on management system of quality/grade, which are required by car manufacturers and other foreign clients.

In KV Final quality control is used for process verification and constant improvements of quality managemet system.


Benefits of certification for customers


  • KV Final certification grants stability and high quality of our manufacturing process on international level for all clients.
  • It allows possibility of produt suplying for automotive industry.
  • Compliace of standards is mark of flaw,variability and loss prevention for client and his company.
  • Certification is a mark of strong interlat self-regulating system which is able to flexibly react to extreme requirements of our clients and legislative.
  • Ilustrates constant emphasis on identification, managemet and improvement of production process in our company. Customer can always be sure that he is offered effective, optimal and modern production ways and modern tools.