We manufacture and provide mainly:

  • Progressive tools
  • Transfer tools
  • Hand operated tools
  • Big plastic part molds


We have our own tools for die/stamping tool design and we are able to cooperate as well. All of our products are “KV Final Tooling standard” certified.


Stamping tools are designed in way which allows easy maintenenance and modification. Only highest quality materials and standard components are used.


The highest quality tools manufactured by strict internal standard and under Regular maintenance.

Fluent production, deliveries in time, high quality



We integrate multiple technologies into one process. We apply progressive elements directly into progressive tools. Mainly integrated welding, metal sheet connecting, threading, construction unification on press, 100% tool control.


"Integrated welding, integrated assembly.Sheet metal production ongoes using latest technologies in field."


We produce stamping tools/dies of all kinds


Deep drawing tools

We also focus on deep drawn sheet metals from 0.5mm to 5mm. Black, zinc coated, stainless steel and high strength sheets.

Progressive tools

We use modern CAD systems focused on progressive tools,development and material usage.We aply modern technologies to progressive tools which allows us to maximaze effectiveness of shaping of complicated shapes and flexibility in design. Progessive tool reach lenghts up to 3 meters and strip width up to 1600 mm.

Transfer tools

We produce and supply transfer tools, bigger size tools - for manual or serial folding with peripherals for automatic transfer.

Checking fixtures

We design and produce checking fixtures for all needs.High emphasis is taken on accuracy of our products.

Welding and mounting products

We produce precise pneumatic welding fixtures, assembly etc.